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Same Same but Different

Friday Night Gala - Queer Inspirations

Brisbane Writers' Festival

Queer AF in a Climate Crisis, Let's Imagine the End of the World, & Show Ponies <3

Queer AF

Am I The Drama? at Bedlam and Squalor

Featherston Booktown

Back at it as MC for Hear Me Roar and guest poet at Late Nite Lit

Lōemis Festival

New paintings and prints at Thistle Hall, June 13-19

Hot Wheels, Big Feels: Pride of the South poetry tour

Roadtrip with Jordan Hamel, Claudia Jardine and Liz Breslin to Christchurch, Timaru, Oamaru and Dunedin

Auckland Writers' Festival

Streetside: Beresford and Anthologising the Anthologies

Word Christchurch

The Museum of Unruly Desires, the Stardust Cabaret, and No Other Place to Stand: Creativity and Climate Change

National Young Writers' Festival

MCing the opening and the hot new Show Ponies lineup, running a workshop on bittersweet love poetry, getting saucy on the panel for Dirty Talk, and chairing Climate Poetry Here & Now with some stellar young poets.

Nelson Arts Festival

Rebecca x Rebecca action for GLORIOUSLY QUEER 

Verb Wellington

Launching Sweet Mammalian issue 9 <3 and discussing No Other Place To Stand at Fire Feeling, Flood Feeling


Verb 2021

Surrealist Sisters - responding to Te Papa's surrealism show

LitCrawl Session 2 - introducing the newest issue of Sweet Mammalian, edited with Nikki-Lee Birdsey

LitCrawl Session 3 - Cheese Rolls for Southern Souls

Lōemis Festival

New paintings and prints at Thistle Hall, and a musical and poetic collaborative epic for Epilogue 

The Dowse Art Museum

Candy Coated - Crispy, Creamy, Crunchy

Featherston Booktown

The Show Ponies taking over the Wairarapa!


Verb Festival 2020

Show Ponies: The Return; LitCrawl appearances in all 3 phases, as a performer at Spells for 2020 and the Stasis Poetry Party and curator of Sweet Mammalian's Issue 7 launch

Welcome to Nowhere 2020

Guest poet and artist

Wairarapa Word

Ema Saiko Poetry Fellow; Poems on the Vine; Wairarapa Word Guest Poet

NZ Young Writers' Festival 2020

Robert Lord Young Writer in Residence; Fern fronds on fire climate poetry panel; opening night guest performer

Cordite poetry

Review by Joan Fleming

Video for Jackson Nieuwland's book launch:
I am a Ghost

So many pandemic-cancelled things, alas! See you on the other side, Featherston Booktown and Auckland Writers' Festival. </3


Awarded the 2019 Ema Saiko Poetry Fellowship

Residency to be undertaken in November 2020 (deferred due to pandemic)

Capital Mag

Poem review by Freya Daly Sadgrove


Pantograph Punch

Ten Moments in Aotearoa Literature 2019

NZ Poetry Shelf

Poetry shelf video: Perendale Princess

Poetry Shelf fascinations: AUP New Poets 5

Poetry Shelf fascinations: MIMICRY 5

Poetry Shelf Friday talk spot: Picking favourites on @radionz Bookmarks

Poetry Shelf review: Starling 8 Winter 2019

Poetry Shelf Feel the Love – poets pick 2019 poetry highlights

Poetry Shelf noticeboard: AUP New Poets 5 and Helen Rickerby’s How to Live launch

Poetry Shelf review: Landfall 237

Better Off Read

Episode 67 - Rebecca Hawkes


Pantograph Punch

"Rebecca Hawkes’ poem ‘Softcore Bushwalk’ pulled me into an undergrowth of want"

The Spinoff

Honorable mention in The Spinoff Review of Books Awards for New Zealand Literature

LitCrawl 2018



New Zealand Poetry Shelf

Reading of my poem 'Sighting'.

Celebrating poetry 2018 in pictures and words

Radio New Zealand National

Pip Adam speaking with Jesse Mulligan

Tara Black Comics

Drawing from Starling reading at LitCrawl


Radio New Zealand National

 Hookworm (read by Frith Horan)


Better Off Read

Any machine can be a smoke machine if you use it wrong enough (read by Rebecca Hawkes)

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