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Editor at Sweet Mammalian

Cordite Poetry Review

Online chapbook: Hardcore Pastorals

Hobart Pulp

Three poems

​Eel Magazine

I can be your angle...😇 or yuor devil 👹

​Bad Apple dot Gay

It's Morbin' Time

​Best New Zealand Poems 

Gremlin in Sundress

The Spinoff 

While you were partying I studied the blade

Out Here: an anthology of Takatāpui and LGBTQIA+ writers from Aotearoa

Three poems


2020: Nemesis Mine
2021: Lilac & Gooseberry


Any crystal can purify you if you are sufficiently committed to stabbing yourself through the heart with it

Pantograph Punch


Capital Magazine

The Flexitarian

Scum Magazine

Dairy Queen


Two poems

Rust + Moth

Winter 2019:  Still life with stone fruit and stripper

Sweet Mammalian

Issue 5:          The cave draws u in like a breath

Issue 1:          Three poems & an essay
Issue 4:          Three poems
Issue 5:          Two poems
Issue 7:          Three poems & a collaboration
​Issue 8:          Four poems

Issue 45:       The salt lamp I got you for your birthday
Issue 46:       Three poems
Issue 47:       Glass glitters better than diamond under such splintered light
and anthologized in A Game Of Two Halves: the best of Sport: Glass glitters better than diamond under such splintered light


Issue 5:          Pony club summer camp &
 Would I recognise the garden if I saw it
Issue 6:          The land without teeth


Issue 4:          Crush
Issue 5:          3 poems


Issue 235:      Cold speculum
 Add penetrant to preferred broadleaf herbicide & devastate the wildflowers
Issue 239:      If I could breed your cultivar I'd have you in my garden
​Issue 240: Trespassers Will Be Shot / Survivors Will Be Shot Again
Issue 243: Venus of Oamaru & Possum Fur Nipple Warmers

​Turbine / Kapohau

2016: The walls of the pit were too high for her to climb out unassisted & The reading room
2017: Fruju Tropical Snow & Strip Club DJ Drops Beat
​2019: The Protagonists
2020: Poem for my wife & The Conservationist
2021: Waif & Stray

Radio New Zealand

 Hookworm (read by Frith Horan)

Better Off Read

Any machine can be a smoke machine if you use it wrong enough

AUP New Poets 5 conversation

Queer the Pitch: Poetry from LGBTQIA+ people across Aotearoa

Softcore bushwalk

Three Words: An Anthology of Aotearoa / NZ Women’s Comics


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