Academic writing:

The Journal of Popular Culture

                       “The Future of Sex”: Intermedial Desire between Fembot Fantasies and Sexbot Technologies


This paper explores the way dystopian sci-fi film representations of feminine robots are drawn on in news coverage of  actual sex robot technology. Films on this subject tend to be thrillers that go badly for a male protagonist who romances the robot, but the pervasive fears and desires portrayed in these fantasies are often treated as evidence that the technological success of -  and consumer desire for - fully-fledged fembot technology is 'inevitable'.


Pūratōke: A Journal of Undergraduate Research

                       Local Nazis In Your Area: Public shaming and communal disgust in the doxing of white nationalists at Charlottesville


A research paper on affective politics of shame and disgust in the Twitter doxing of neo-Nazis and white supremacists after the  2017 'Unite the Right' rally in Charlottesville.

Writing about writing:

NZ Poetry Shelf

                       Poetry Shelf Friday talk spot: Rebecca Hawkes on the poem as a snowglobe to contain the Anthropocene


"Each poem is also a way to pick up something about what’s happening to our world and ourselves. To write like this is a way to stake out what’s real and important. What vision of the world we should hold on to, what kind of mark we want to leave – from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to the snow leopard vanishing."

Booksellers NZ

                       Review of Therese Lloyd: The Facts


"The framing of The Facts around the concepts in Lloyd’s doctoral thesis lends an intellectual experiment that is inevitably more rewarding if you’re interested in meta-analysis and are familiar with Anne Carson’s work. [However] the poems in this collection – compassionate but unflinching – are rewarding even if you don’t want to be assigned extra reading.' 

Science communication:


                       Can you hear that?


"...You don’t just hear with your ears! Some sounds, especially very low sounds, are heard through your bones. If your record your voice and then play it back, it will probably sound higher pitched than you expect it to be. This is because you hear a lot of your own voice through the bones in your skull..."

                       To Build a Bot


This article describes the process undertaken by three students from Feilding’s Manchester Street School as they designed and built a robot that won the New Zealand VEX IQ Challenge. The article offers an authentic way of introducing students to programming and computational thinking, as well as physics and engineering concepts related to energy, weight, and balance.

Nature writing:

Up Country

                       The only good possum is a dead possum

"In New Zealand’s alcoholic ingenuity, ‘Possum’ is a drinking game where players scale trees and consume beers (preferably 24-packs of Speights; Pride Of The South) until they fall to the ground from drunkenness. It is unclear whether the first or last to plummet is the real winner.​.."